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This new section has stuff related to SEAS School, mainly the class of 2003.
Next year when most of us will be in High School, this page will be kinda like a memories page. I will make a Fordham Prep page for my school.
Anyone interested in a short page for their school can contect me.




Censoring/Removal Info

If there is a pic u do not want to b displayed tell me. if there is a pic u think i shud bring back tell me.


NOTE: in gallary 1 u may notice there r flash and real formats. i cannot delete these.

  1. 04/27/2001 14:15 - 04/27/2001 15:00 640x480 no flash: original pix
  2. More pics including 1s in confirmation practice
  3. billy K. & friends section
  4. idiot sign
  5. SEAS Social 2003 #2
  6. Class of 2003 Class Trip
  7. Pix taken by Daniel K during class trip along with a screenshot and an edited image
  8. Pix taken on Lakeland Bus Route 905P (Bus #352) and during 8-1 math class
  9. Server Pix - New pictures get to this page before they get here.

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Other Docs

What happened to all the last names?

They are not here for security reasons

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